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BlackBerry Exec Plays Deaf

If there’s one thing the company that makes the Blackberry needs, it’s good PR.

Research in Motion has just released a new smartphone which they hope will help them recover some of the business they’ve lost to the likes of Apple and Android. Too bad the company’s European spokesman seems to be doing everything he can to attract headlines for all the wrong reasons.


Motor City Meltdown

Full disclosure: When I heard Rocker-turned-activist-turned-media freakshow Ted Nugent was going to appear on CBS This Morning, I put a note in my calendar to review the clip, so certain was I that I would find fodder for a new edition of “Media’s Masters and Disasters.”

I wasn’t disappointed.


Christine O’Donnell Walks the Walk

Tea Party activist and former congressional candidate Christine O’Donnell appeared on Piers Morgan to promote her new book, in which she admits to making serious media mistakes during her campaign.

It is ironic, then, that she cemented her designation as a Media Disaster in the process.


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