Remote Media Training

As community health concerns curtail travel and in-person meetings, communications strategy and consistent messaging are arguably more vital than ever.

For organizations unable to conduct onsite training programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer practical and highly effective media training, consulting, and crisis communications services worldwide, via video teleconference.

Facing webinars instead of reporters? We also provide customized presentation coaching for executives struggling with the “new normal” of virtual meetings.

Our Clients

Wells Fargo

“Mark brought the credibility, wit, wisdom, honesty and direction our team sought. The message development workshops were big hits and achieved exactly what we needed. I especially appreciate that his commitment continued well beyond the training day. Mark has become a trusted partner and adviser to our Wells Fargo management team.”

Julie Green-Rommell
Julie Green Rommel
Wells Fargo

UCLA Health Logo

“As anyone who has worked with busy doctors or hospital administrators can tell you, PR training is not necessarily a priority for them. Mark’s valuable media training, however, became a true favorite program that resonated with our doctors, researchers and other staff members to help explain complicated medical firsts, unique patient stories, or important study results to the public. MediaWorks was always a key value-added offering from our media relations office.”

Roxanne Moster
UCLA Health


“I have worked with Mark throughout my career to help ready executives for investor, analyst and media opportunities. At NVIDIA, he has helped our spokespeople deliver clear, concise messages in an easy to understand way. From VR to artificial intelligence to gaming, Mark sorts through the complicated technology to help us convey how our work is at the center of the most consequential trends in technology.”

Gail Lauguna
Gail Laguna

michael-smart-pr logo

“I hired Mark twice to train my team at BYU, and he knocked it out of the park. I was amazed at how thoroughly he understood complex issues facing our organization, that I hadn’t even briefed him on. Since then I’ve started a consultancy and been in a position to refer him out many times. Every single time (10, 15, I’ve lost track) the client has thanked me profusely. There’s never been a mismatch.”

Michael Smart
Michael Smart
Michael SmartPR

Live Training Delivered Electronically

MediaWorks’ remote media training services feature all the hallmarks of our best-in-class onsite media training solutions, and can be customized to concentrate on crisis strategies, or general media issues facing your organization. And because these drills simulate the way most media are currently conducting interviews, the format is both relevant and realistic.

Deliverables include:

  • Best practices in media engagement
  • Message creation, testing, and refinement
  • On-camera interview drills and review
  • Personalized coaching for individual communicators
  • Follow-up support

Led by a CNN veteran with two decades of media training expertise, we can accommodate individual communicators or large groups, anywhere in the world, often on short notice.

A national health crisis shouldn’t cripple your communications strategy. Let us know how we can help.