Presentation Training

Presentation Training

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Presentation Training

A Modern Approach to Traditional Communications

MediaWorks Resource Group is a full service communications training company founded on the premise that messaging is universal.  Using many of the same progressive concepts employed in our popular media training sessions, we teach our presentation training clients to focus on the message, and then adapt it properly to the circumstances of the presentation. In this way, clients develop the ability to master any public presentation, rather than simply practicing and perfecting a single speech.

It begins with the reinforcement of confidence but goes well beyond that.

Our highly customized presentation training approach is designed to help our clients:

  • Prepare effectively for any kind of presentation
  • Understand what makes a master storyteller
  • Refine content for maximum impact
  • Overcome nervousness
  • Read and connect with the audience
  • Project ideal tone and body language
  • Work effectively with PowerPoint and other visual aides
  • Deftly handle even the toughest audience questions

The skills acquired and lessons learned can be applied in any presentation format, including:

  • Speeches
  • Lectures
  • Webinars
  • Sales pitches
  • Investor conferences
  • Hosting/Emcee opportunities

As with all of our service offerings, MediaWorks presentation training is designed to be lively, engaging,
and highly retainable.

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