MediaWorks Scholarship for Students With Autism

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MediaWorks Resource Group Announces its First Annual Scholarship for Students With Autism

NOTE: This Scholarship has EXPIRED.


Q: How can we help people with Autism who struggle to communicate?

A: With a college scholarship. The aim this first year is to help with books and living expenses. Our hope is that we can grow the scholarship in the future.

About MediaWorks

MediaWorks Resource Group provides industry-leading media training and communications coaching for business clients representing all sectors. CNN veteran Mark Bernheimer launched MediaWorks in 2001 to help clients build their skills and confidence when facing the media. Today, the media is everywhere, and includes bloggers, Twitterers, advocacy reporters, and Citizen Journalists. And while the media has changed, the mission of MediaWorks has remained constant; to help level the playing field between communicators and the reporters they face.


Amount: $500

Deadline for applications: 1/10/19

Winner will be announced on 1/15/19

Eligibility and Requirements

You must be a US Citizen diagnosed with ASD.

You are a recent high school graduate, college undergraduate, or attend an Autism School.

You have two letters of recommendation from leaders in your community or former teachers. These letters must attest to your character, ability, and desire to pursue further education.

Write, and send us a 600-word essay telling us how you will use your education to be a better place.

Candidates who are or have been volunteers and interns will receive extra consideration.

To Apply

Send us a letter with your name, address, telephone number and email address include your essay, and two recommendation letters. Please use the letter to explain:

How you match the criteria listed above

Your community and volunteering experience

State that you agree to let MediaWorks to use your name, photograph, and story on its website.

Send the above to MediaWorks Resource Group Scholarship at 4136 Del Ray Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90292.

Note: Please do not email, phone, or contact us via Chat or contact form about the scholarship program. We will only accept mailed submissions. Contact via phone, email, chat, or our contact page may lead to disqualification.