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A Tough Interview out of Oakland

This one is hard to watch. And given the tragic context in which this interview took place (the deadly Oakland warehouse fire), it seems trite to use the term “Media Disaster.” But suffice it to say this was an interview that probably shouldn’t have happened.


Ill-Prepared in the ‘No Spin Zone.’

I realize I’m treading into dangerous waters here. In this unbelievably contentious election season, it is probably wishful thinking to assume that I can deliver an edition of Media’s Masters and Disasters featuring controversy over Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, and the Fox News Channel without ruffling some reader feathers. But I shall try. The media …Keep reading


When the Media Trainer is the Disaster

Media trainers and consultants pride themselves on helping their clients navigate the treacherous waters of crisis communications. How ironic when the PR specialist creates the crisis. While it may seem politically incorrect to designate a fellow media trainer as a Media Disaster, it should be noted that the individual in this case, Merrie Spaeth, has …Keep reading


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