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Great media trainers come from the ranks of great reporters (and MediaWorks founder Mark Bernheimer is no exception). But it takes more than reporting experience to provide effective media coaching. We’ve perfected a media training technique based on five principles designed to ensure our lessons are effective, enjoyable, and retainable.

1) On-camera drills aren’t enough

Our clients get a solid education in crucial media concepts; some “tried and true,” others totally proprietary to MediaWorks. These lessons include:

  • Steps to take before, during, and after an interview
  • The four “Never Answer” questions
  • “A Reporter’s Arsenal,” and how to counter it
  • The art of Bridging
  • Alternatives to “No Comment”
  • New trends in social media

2) The training atmosphere matters

Many people who attend media training do so because somebody has told them they should. These clients may have a pre-existing dislike of the media or of cameras in general. Left unaddressed, this attitude can derail a session. So we employ a friendly, informal atmosphere with lots of humor and plenty of reassurance, helping our clients give better presentations and great interviews.

3) It has to be lively

Asking busy people to spend hours in a conference room comes with great responsibility. We know our training has to be captivating. First and foremost, that means no PowerPoint presentations. Instead, we employ instructional and entertaining video examples, engaging exercises, and a folder full of simple yet informative materials that make the learning enjoyable and the training stick.

4) Giving constructive feedback is an art

Effective media training is a high wire act. Go too easy on clients and they don’t learn anything. Be too blunt and you risk bruising executive egos. We always strike the perfect balance. We offer candid critiques to our clients that their in-house PR professionals might not feel comfortable delivering. But we always manage to do so in a respectful, sometimes humorous way that never offends.

5) The relationship must continue after the training ends

We recognize that clients don’t like to be abandoned after they invest in training. So, while some media trainers charge by the minute for post-training phone consultation, ours is free. We’ve come to understand that an ongoing relationship with our clients benefits everybody.