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Preparing to do a news interview? Updating your crisis communications strategy?  Planning a media training session for your team?  These media training resources, articles and links should help. Check back often for updates.

General Media Training Tips

Keeping Your Cool When an Interview Heats Up
Read this before you even think about losing your temper with a reporter.

Moving the “Give-a-Damn” Meter
Think you have great media skills? Content matters too! Here’s how you can get a reporter to pay attention (and it works on live audiences too!)

Taking the “News” out of Cable News
With more and more people getting their news in 140 characters, the role of cable news channels has changed. Can you still get your message out via the cable news networks? Yes! But you’re going to have to try new tactics.

Everyone’s a Reporter
That kid at the trade show with an iPhone? He’s a reporter. The old lady next to you on the airplane? Reporter. Don’t be paranoid, be careful.

You Don’t Say: Three Expressions That Sabotage Interviews
Being prepared for the media means knowing what to say, but also what not to say. Avoid these expressions and you’ll keep your messaging strategy from running off the rails.

To Tell the Truth
Always tell the truth in a news interview. Always. But is it necessary to tell all the truth? The answer may surprise you; truthfully.

Media Training Tip: What NOT to Wear to an Interview
Your audience pays attention to much more than just your words. And while you may not  need a fashion consultant, a makeup artist or a personal shopper, you do need to know what works –and what doesn’t work– for on-camera interviews.

How to Ruin Your Life in 140 Characters
Feeling angry? Want to get even? Had a couple of cocktails? Stay away from that keyboard, lest you end up a Twitter cautionary tale.

Media Training Without the Media Trainer
You can’t have a media trainer follow you around 24-hours a day, helping with all your interviews. So become your own media trainer.

The DIY Guide to Social Media Videos
You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg in order to make a good social media video. You just have to follow these simple rules.

Navigating the LA Media Landscape
Los Angeles Media TrainingWhat comes to mind when you think of “Los Angeles media?” If you quickly conjure up images of reality stars, celebrity trials, and car chases, you’re probably in good company. Many people stereotype the nation’s second biggest media market in much the same way they characterize the city itself: as a vapid cultural wasteland concerned at all times with style over substance.

But those seeking Los Angeles media training must remember that…

Organizing a Media Training

Media Training Tip: How to Choose a Media Trainer
The internet offers scores of companies and individuals who claim to be media trainers. Choosing the right one can be confusing and time consuming. Here are a few quick tips to help you choose a media trainer who will educate and empower your team to clearly communicate their messages.

3 Attitudes That Ruin a News Interview
Sometimes your boss or client is the only thing standing between you and a successful PR strategy. Here are the 3 most common “anti-media” attitudes, and how you can address them.

What if You Threw a Media Training and Nobody Came?
Our clients say it all the time: “Getting our employees to show up on training day is like herding cats.” Camera-shyness, busy work schedules, and last minute distractions get in the way. Here’s how you can keep the attendance list from dwindling at the last minute.

Media Training for the Reluctant Boss
Your boss needs media training. You know it, your colleagues know it, reporters know it.  But convincing the boss isn’t always easy. These tips might help.

Crisis Communications

The Predictable Part of Crisis
When the news is bad, reporters tend to behave in a predictable way. Here’s how you can anticipate their toughest questions and stay on message.

Who’s Sorry Now? The Best Time to Apologize
Apologizing has too often been construed as a sign of weakness. New studies suggest that two simple words can prevent PR nightmares and, occasionally, lawsuits.

News Industry Sites

News, information, and opinion on the media. Frequently updated content.
Founded by network news veteran Dan Abrams

Huffington Post Media Page
Frequently updated stories about the news biz and the people who make their living there

And then there’s…

It may not be hyperbole to call Snopes the single most important site on the internet. Sure, everybody’s heard of it, but not nearly enough people use it. Great for distinguishing legitimate stories from click schemes and urban legend.

Check back periodically. More to come!