Healthcare Media Training

Media Training for Hospital, Pharma, and Life Sciences Communicators

The healthcare environment may be changing, but the need for clear, targeted, message-oriented communication never does. We’ve helped many of the nation’s major hospitals, healthcare systems, and biotech/pharma companies cut through the clutter with profoundly successful media strategies and training.

MediaWorks’ healthcare clients have called upon us to help them navigate the following actual media events:

  • Healthcare reform and implications for patients
  • Medical errors
  • Epidemics and community health alerts
  • Labor issues including nursing shortages and strikes
  • Medical breakthroughs
  • New drug applications, approvals, and rejections
  • FDA committee testimony
  • Active shooter on hospital campus

Our healthcare clients report a transformative training experience, providing them with:

  • Laser-focused media messaging appropriate for trade and/or consumer media
  • Enhanced abilities to predict the needs, objectives, and behavior of medical reporters and bloggers
  • Physician and researcher spokespersons who can communicate effectively with lay audiences, not just peers
  • CEOs and administrators who understand the criteria reporters use in choosing whether to cover a story
  • Qualified, articulate subject matter experts who provide ongoing resources for the local media