Free Follow-up Support

Crisis Communications Training

The Coaching Continues After the Training Ends

A unique media training experience requires exceptional follow-up support. Our post-training support is one of our key points of differentiation. We think it’s the best in the industry.

Participants emerge from our media training sessions with a sharpened skillset and enhanced confidence; virtues we want them to retain even if media contact occurs months later. Our solution is a value add that is unique to MediaWorks: a year of free follow-up support for everybody who goes through our private (1-on-1) and small-group media training sessions.

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“Mark brought the credibility, wit, wisdom, honesty and direction our team sought. The message development workshops were big hits and achieved exactly what we needed. I especially appreciate that his commitment continued well beyond the training day. Mark has become a trusted partner and adviser to our Wells Fargo management team.”

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This feature takes two forms:

1)  Pre-interview consultation

If an interview has been scheduled, and the story concerns an issue that was covered during our media training session, training participants may schedule a brief prep call with us to review best practices and reinforce messaging.

2) Post-interview clip review

When a training participant completes an interview, we are always eager to see it. We want to stay “in the loop” with our clients and keep track of the progress their communicators make. So we encourage participants to send us their clips for review and critique. We’ll let them know if they’re slipping back into bad habits.

MediaWorks clients never pay an hourly fee for this follow-up support. It isn’t offered for an upcharge. It’s an inherent feature of our distinctive training services.